The 5th Grade Program is where students from Springfield schools come to the Farmstead and learn about life in the 1860's.

When the students tour the Farmstead, they start the day by going through orientation at the Liberty School, which includes the rules, a history of the one room school, and the Pledge of Allegiance with a 34 star flag.  They split into four groups to tour our buildings.

The first building is the house.  They learn about the house itself, look at artifacts from the original site, and they learn about living in a house on the prairie.

The second building is the kitchen.  Students get to make cookies on the hearth, wash their hands with lye soap in a dry sink, and learn about food preservation on the prairie.

The third buidling is the granary.  Here, students wash clothes on a wash board, saw fire wood, do some gardening (spring), and get to see an outhouse.

The fourth, and last, building is the barn.  Activities in the barn include rope making, corn grinding, and pitching hay.  The barn is also home to a Springfield Wagon Company covered wagon.

After they have finished all four buildings, the students meet in the middle of the four buildings and share the cornbread that the 3rd group to visit the Kitchen made. The kids then go eat lunch for about 30 minutes then they return for a tour of the cemetery, and then they have a music and storytelling time. These are just a few of the thing we do for the 5th graders; it's alot of fun!

**If you are not a 5th grade class and would like information on how you can sign up to have you group come out to the Farmstead, contact us at

The Farmstead is a great Homeschool activity for those in the Springfield Area!

If you would like more information on the 5th Grade Program, you can email Michelle Atkinson at


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